Active Birthing & Yogic Management – Online

About Active Birthing & Yogic Management - Online

This practical and informative one day workshop is designed to help couples prepare for a natural active birth. You’ll learn highly effective evidence-informed ‘active’ and ‘calm’ skills to help you approach your labour with greater confidence and calm. We’ll show you how to transform worry into wisdom, fear into courage and doubt into focus and power.

Our Mindfulness-based approach to childbirth will help you reframe your experience of pain and help build self-efficacy, self-reliance and confidence. Exciting new research shows that families who use Mindfulness to prepare for birth have lower rates of orthodox pain relief and feel more in control of their birthing experience.

We know that birth favours a relaxed mother. We’ll show you and your partner how to tap into natural inner resources to navigate your way through your labour artfully and masterfully.

Our workshops include traditional birthing practices that empower both women and men
during the transition into parenthood. Gentle process work will help deepen your connection
with your body, your partner and especially with your new baby!
Active Birthing workshop offers new parents a holistic approach to birth that has been shown
to shorten the duration of labour by more than a third, can significantly reduce reliance on
orthodox pain relief and result in fewer assisted births, less pain, and fewer episiotomies.

At our workshop you will:

  • Learn how a mindfulness-based approach to birth can help you navigate your birth experience confidently and fearlessly
  • Identify & work with your unique pain coping style.
  • Develop a strong and positive mindset.
  • Breathing techniques to cope with the pain and keep up the energy levels.
  • Work effectively with your body, breath and mind to create a rewarding and satisfying birth experience.
  • Discover right birthing positions for each stage of labour & for different birth presentations.
At our workshop you will:

Who is this workshop for?

The Active Birthing Workshop is suitable for mothers who are 5+ months in their pregnancy. We welcome husbands/partners, doulas, midwives and anyone who you plan to attend your birth. The one-day format is even good for second- or third-time parents looking to refresh their birth skills and learn a few more without a big-time commitment!

Calender For 2022

Date Timing Fees Enroll Now
7th – 8th May, 2022 3:50 PM – 6:30 PM IST 2500 INR / 50 USD Apply Now
25th – 26th June, 2022 9:50 AM – 12:30 PM IST 2500 INR / 50 USD Apply Now
20th – 21st August, 2022 3:50 PM – 6:30 PM IST 2500 INR / 50 USD Apply Now