30 hours Functional Yogic Anatomy

30 hours Functional Yogic Anatomy

30 hours Functional Yogic Anatomy is the perfect mix of Modern-day human science and the Ancient Yoga science. This comprehensive training is intended for yoga practitioners and teachers looking for a deeper understanding of anatomical restrictions that limits the ability to do certain asana or preventing injuries during the practice. Human body is intelligently integrated. Understanding the various structures, such as joints, connective tissues and nervous system, and functions of them together will help us understand the physiology of movement, breath and stillness in an asana. This will allow you to seamlessly integrate this knowledge into your teaching in order to make modifications for clients’ individual needs and for injury prevention, and to ensure that your clients feel nurtured and taken care of during their sessions.

This training contains 7 modules and provides approximately 30-hours of continuing education. It contains lectures on functional anatomy, connective tissues, biomechanics of joints, and nervous system in connection with the movement. Practical guide on applying the principles of functional anatomy to each asana category i.e., arm balances, backbends, forward bends, twists, and breathing, to lead smooth and safe practice.

The 7 Modules include:

What you will learn and earn in this training:

  • Learning about the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology in simple terms.
  • Joint Motions & Biomechanics.
  • What is "Functional" Movement?
  • Apply functional anatomy to your own practice.
  • Understand the most common problems and injuries.
  • Prevent or heal the injuries through right practice.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to teach.
  • Feel inspired to dive deeper into anatomy.
  • Upon completion of this training, you will earn the continuing education certificate (CE, Yoga Alliance US).
What you will learn and earn in this training: 10 Years of Experience
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Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone with 6 months of Yoga Practice or Yoga Teachers interested in deepening the understanding of Functional Anatomy to help clients progress safely into their practice and be able to help clients heal from onset injuries with the RIGHT practice

Date Timing Fee Apply Now
1st Aug - 13th Aug 2022 02.30 PM - 04.30 PM (IST) 9950/- INR (195 USD) Apply Now
8th Dec - 21st Dec 2022 07.00 PM - 09.00 PM (IST) 9950/- INR (195 USD) Apply Now